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In its’ live performance, BJ sings draws from elements of poetry, dance, theatrics, and uses simple acoustic instruments like the guitar, Ukulele, and the Cajon, to bring the audience into an environment that lends itself a varied perspective on common Pop music.  The live show, depending on the venue, can vary from Suit and tie, solo acoustic guitar, to full blown Vampire costumes set to fight the zombie apocalypse. Drawing from their other performing experiences’ (MJ Sloan a dancer and Bobby J a poet) BJ Sings is always looking to bring something different to each performance.  Always wanting to expand, they look to make new connections by touring constantly.  They are currently booking a summer tour in Europe, and a Fall tour in America.



BJ sings is currently in the studio recording a concept album that has been in the works for over a decade.  The album tentatively called: “Songs on the Album Maria Candida,” will paint a picture of the human condition, using songs and spoken words.  It is a love story with varied emotions, simple and complex songs taking you through the depths and heights one experiences when in and out of love.  It’s an American tale that is set to the turn of the century.  It uses elements from the beat generation, rap, flamenco, Florida Swamp lands, to California mountaintops to express the complexity that one must face in an ever changing society hungry to consume everything in its path, mislead to believe that all things will last and that nothing is sacred anymore.  With this album BJ sings looks to be a voice for a time period when America had lost it’s way.  Its European release will be summer 2014, so look to grab a copy at a show.


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